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Welcome to the Life Credit System (c) (LCS) app project Wiki!

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What is the Life Credit System?

Created by Clarence Dow-Spielman, The Life Credit System (c) (LCS) is both a method and a set of digital applications to work with high-functioning children, teens and young adults diagnosed on the autism spectrum. The Life Credit System treats clients themselves as stakeholders by including them in the process of creating a sophisticated game-based reward system that is custom tailored to their own personal, familial and professionally determined goals, targeted behaviors, skill strengths and deficits and unique cognitive-emotional presentation. By treating clients as stakeholders in this process, LCS helps to build a culture and common language of authenticity, accountability and interdependence.

Typically, data is collected by professionals, evaluated by professionals, and viewed by stakeholders which may or may not include those with the diagnoses that are selected for treatment. LCS uses numerical and graphical data arrays as well as a Client Avatar - a virtual character that represents the client and changes depending on performance - to connect clients to their data in realtime. Data collection and automatic aggregation are all achieved by using Google products and services (Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Sheets and Google Scripts).

Helping clients engage in being and becoming their best selves is at the core of LCS. This means both making good choices in the moment and setting clear goals for positive future outcomes. A fundamental part of how this is put into practice is through documentation. Real events are recorded, reviewed and mined for insight into strengths, challenges, solutions, understanding diagnosis and more. Together with their parents, teachers and/or therapists, clients learn to manage a constantly evolving document that can transition with them throughout their life.

LCS is currently an open-source project. It needs professionals, parents, teachers and of course bold young adventurers to pilot, test, tweak and evolve. If what you've read excites you, follow the links below to try a beta version of LCS hosted on a public Google Drive folder (registering for a Google account is free, easy and generally awesome). The video tutorials linked stored in the Google Drive folder will guide you step by step through a sample use case on how to use the app.

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